6 June 2013

Write SEO Articles In Few Minutes

SEO articles

Writing SEO articles is a must recommendation. SEO optimized blog grows fast and get high ranking in SERP. It is very tough task to write SEO articles because we should keep in mind both the human and search bot for better ranking.
 So today, I am going to show the way to write SEO articles for search bot as well as human. You will get good ranking without putting lots of keywords (Known as keywords stuffing) in your post.
You should not afraid of the word SEO. It is not a pro skill and every one can learn it with best practices.
We have to write article in such a way that user will understand easily.
You should implement your writing skill which makes it easy to read article.
Righting SEO article does not guarantee that your post will be at top of SERP.
There are some other factors also which we must consider to get a good rank.


Every blog post starts with title.
Make it eye caching, crisp and clear. There should not any confusion.
Do not over optimize and also do not less optimize it.
Choose a focus keyword and insert into title. It should be present in main article also.
Use main keyword one time only in title. Don’t write multiple times.

Permalink Structure

As the name suggest, it is permanent link to your post. You can edit title of post but you can’t edit permalink.
When you go to publish blog post, include main keyword in url.
Keep permalink short and easy to understand for user. Search engines crawl only starting few words.
Don’t write long url. It should be 70 to 100 characters long.

Content Optimization:

Writing SEO optimized content is most crucial part.
It is not hard job actually. But you should maintain it well. Don’t write too short or too long.
First two lines of article is very important. Make a habit to write main keyword in first line.
Write remaining contain thoroughly. Use appropriate text formatting. Make keyword and relative phrase bold where it is required.
Do not repeat the keyword again and again. It looks bad for human being as well as for search engine.
Use interlinking using proper anchor text. Search engine like interlink. It makes your user engaging in reading.
Recent Google Algorithm updates suggest writing minimum 600 word lengthy post. It is not mandatory. It is just recommendation.
When you finish the writing, check it for any grammatical error. It is called proofreading.
Finally, do not forget to put focus keyword in your article.
Now publish the post. Promote it on social media to drive traffic.
Oh! I forget that use of at least one image with proper title and alt tag make it user friendly and search engine friendly.
One Bonus tips for you: Do not focus on quantity of post. Always write quality content. Write at least three post in a week and practice to build some back links.


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